July 18, 2010

The State of the Children's Park in Baguio City

For the last few months since I came back home here in Baguio City, I've seen men doing some work on the Children's Park fronting the Baguio City Library. I heard the park's being rehabilitated. Good, I said to myself, it's about time. Kids deserve fun so let's give it to them.

I passed by the park last week and noticed several kids and their adult companions roaming around. I was curious about the past constructions being done on the place so I went in and checked the park out.

I was disappointed more than I was impressed. Although there were a few good constructions that added to the park's child-friendliness, a lot of the work done were a failure. Bad. Epic fails. What's worse, the things not done added injury to the failures already done.

It so happened that I had a camera with me so I just snapped away. Check out the photos below and see for yourself how this good park of us needs a hell lot of appropriate improvement.
 If I have a kid, I wouldn't let her or him ride on these things.

 Rust. Rust. Rust.

 What is this? Some kind of a joke?

 Not even a chimpanzee on drugs will think of taking a little swing on this one.

 Don't worry buddy, I'm as pissed as you are.

  If I'm a mosquito, these waters will be like the Malacanang Palace

There are like twenty of these supposedly water faucets. Not one of them is working. This one's slightly buried when it shoudn't be. As I said, there's a lot of these things that the park looks like a damn cemetery. What the hell were the builders thinking? Just a couple of faucets that actually work would have been more than enough.

  I really can't help but notice that shadow.

 One of the good things added to the park. In this unpredictable world of ours, security of our young ones should be a top priority. Let's hope that that camera actually works.

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  1. This is sad it looks like this has been the same equipment when I was a kid. Thats over 30 years ago!!! Probably built when the Americans first came to Baguio. Please post some pictures if they ever do an upgrade. I grew up in Baguio myself. I help run a news discussions site , please drop by when you can.

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