July 27, 2010

Jogin Rey Tamayo, Dayer Gabutan etc...

1) Mr. Jogin Rey Tamayo stressed in his column the presence of parked cars inside the Baguio Athletic Bowl. Yes, I've seen them as well because I go there on a regular basis. There are even instances where I see this homeless-looking man washing the cars. The man seems to be there most days of the week. He's always donning a baseball cap and he keeps on wearing a jacket over his backpack. Obviously, most of the cars belong to the sweating humans swatting tennis balls at the adjacent tennis courts. Well, I don't know if there's a law prohibiting cars from being parked at the place. But if indeed there is one then those cars have no business being parked in there.

2) Dayer Gabutan, an i-Besao is the new World Boxing Organization Oriental bantamweight champion after defeating a guy named Jilo Merlin. I heard Dayer is from Ambagiw, Besao. I've been to Ambagiw once. It's a small community of about 15 or 20 households and it took us an hour and a half of hiking from Kin-iway Poblacion to get there. Ambagiw is not accessible by vehicles. To get there, you need to climb down a mountain to the very bottom where there is a river. You then cross the river and climb yet another steep mountain to get to the village. Hiking to Ambagiw isn't for those weak in legs and spirit.

2) There is a barangay in Ifugao called Cababuyan. A barangay in Besao. Mt. Province has a sitio called Binababoy. I'm just saying.

3) According to DOLE, among the top employment generators for the next 5 to 10 years in this country are agribusiness and cyber services. So if you're a nursing or a political science student, that means you're fucked if you're thinking of getting a job in this country.

4) The Lettermen and The Cascades are performing this July 31 at the University of Baguio. Honestly, I thought these singers are dead. Seriously. Because when I was a kid, Grandpa used to tell stories of dancing to The Lettermen's music when he was a kid.

5) Japanese Koi fishes to swim in Burnham Park Lake. I say it's a bad idea unless they do something about the murky as hell waters. People go to the lake to ride boats not look at fishes which they can't even see because it seems like a thousand aliens bled to death in that lake. The water is just dirty green.

6) Beetles are attacking trees in our beloved parks. Worse, there isn't much that the city government can do about it.

7) Autonomy, autonomy, autonomy. Ano bang autonomy na yan? Automatic? Automobile?

8) Pedro: “Nganan Kankana-ey di green?”
Juan: “Ay toan.”
Pedro: “Tabbed ka tet-ewa ay. Maata.”

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