July 23, 2010

Igorot firm creates functional culture-themed wood carvings

It feels really good when you walk along Session Road and meet someone wearing an “Igorotak” t-shirt. Those shirts are everywhere nowadays. Thanks in part to Ingrid Payaket and her stint as a contestant on Pilipinas Got Talent. Igorot pride is on a roll these days.

Now, a Baguio-based firm has taken Igorot pride to another level. Kaiw Cordillera Crafts, a small Igorot-owned company is creating products that not only manifests the Igorot culture but are functional as well. It is a fact that most handicraft shops in Baguio sell nothing more than souvenir-type of things that are intended only for display.
Kaiw Cordillera Crafts is different. They offer you works that are meant to be used not displayed in some cabinet or shelf.

Check out these hand-woven bags. They are patterned after the sangi (this is what we call them in Mt. Province, I don't know if they call them the same thing in other provinces). The lower half is made of woven rattan and the upper half of textile. All handmade.
And feast your eyes on these creatively-done tissue paper holders. They provide you tissue and with a huge smile too.

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  1. I bought some of these. Good to look at specially if you are in the CR! :-)