July 16, 2010

Ibalik ang La Trinidad-Bokawkan Jeepney Route

From what I have read (just because something is written down doesn't mean it's a fact), the banning of La Trinidad passenger jeepneys from taking the Bokawkan route is due to the enforcement of a decade-old city ordinance by the baby-faced former Mayor Rey Bautista. There is no way for me to verify this theory but if it is true then it is an ordinance that runs counter to the true purpose of an ordinance which is to make the lives of concerned citizens a notch better. I said counter because a lot of lives were instead made a notch worse. People are angry and they want that Bokawkan route back. Just ask the 691 and counting members of Ibalik ang La Trinidad-Bokawkan Jeepney Route, a facebook page calling for ”you know what”.

I joined the group because I too is a La Trinidad resident who commutes to Baguio every single morning of every single day. And it would be really nice if they give us back the route. I'll be praising heaven and earth if they do.

I'm not sure if the residents of our beloved city hall are facebook addicts like us but I'd like to believe that they are because that will just bring us closer to the accomplishment of our goal. So my suggestion to the thousands who joined the group is to add as friends the inhabitants of city hall and send friendly messages to them. If you have time, why not engage them in a conversation via facebook chat. Do everything to make sure that they get our message.

And one more thing, remember to be as NICE to them as possible. :) Being rude might just jeopardize the mission.

Getting a road back via facebook is a wild shot, I know. We're like a pugilist throwing a haymaker. Our chance of hitting the target is slim. Slim as it is, it's still a chance. A chance is always a good thing.

So good luck folks.

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