July 20, 2010

I am an Igorot blogger

Yesterday, I received an email from a gentleman who claims that he is an Igorot working as a yoga instructor somewhere in Singapore. I was doubtful of him because of the yoga thing. It's not that I don't think we Igorots can do yoga, it's just that yoga isn't something we normally engage in. It's what he said he does, there's not much I can do but take his word for it. It is actually the first ever email I received on behalf of my blog Igorots Online.. Finally, I said to myself, people are finding this blog. Because last time I checked it's traffic statistics, it's receiving an average of just one visitor a day. There are even days when no one visits at all.

Anyway, our Igorot brother from Singapore sent me a message whose subject heading says Dear Igorot Blogger. It's another first to be called an Igorot Blogger. The statement sort of made me realize that “Yeah, I'm actually an Igorot Blogger.” I started Igorots Online more as an experiment but as I went along I started getting the hang of it. I'm actually enjoying doing it. So I decided to stick to it and do this blogging thing as long as my free time permits it. Our friend from Singapore then went on to sing how much he appreciates our blog. I have nothing to say to him but “Thank you Igorot from Singapore who teaches yoga.” :)

I remember when I first heard about blogs way back. I was a student back then at Saint Louis University. In between my classes I would go to the Internet Section of the library and spend precious time in front of the computer for hours on end. I was a slave of the world wide web. Google and Yahoo were the best of my friends. They don't complain, they don't spit at you the moment you turn your back. They were there when you need them just by the nudge of a mouse. They have the answers to all your questions no matter how absurd the question would be. It was there at the confines of the Saint Louis University Library that I learned about blogs and the Igorots who pioneered Igorot blogging.
To cut things short, I've been a reader of blogs for years before I started my own. I've read the earliest Igorot bloggers then. Among them were the popular Bill Bilig, the witty Cheryl Daytec Yangot, the Sagada Igorot Blogger. You name it, I've read them all. They aren't blogging as much as they used to now but they paved the way for newbies like me so we won't get lost along the way because believe me, the blogging world is a universe of clutter and disorganized mess.

And last but not the least, I'm calling all Igorots out there, wherever you are to start blogging because it is an endeavor that is worth the experience.

Blog away people, just blog away.

And be heard.

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