July 18, 2010

Eduard Folayang is the Human Landslide

During the last few months, we've seen Igorots sing and dance their way to the top of a talent competition on national TV. There was an overflowing of Cordilleran voices and creativity. It was almost too good to be true. Igorot talent has never been exposed to audiences this huge before. Ingrid Payaket was being compared to none other than Lea Salonga. Baguio Metamorphoses brought Las Vegas to Manila. Two Baguio-based finalists on the top three is a huge,huge statement. We really got the talent. All we need to do is find a stage so we can show it. Good times indeed. We got ourselves the perfect time and place to wear those “Igorotak” T-shirts.

While all these was going on, another Igorot was entering a stage of a different kind. Some call it a ring while others refer to it as a cage. Even his shirt was different. Instead of an “Igorotak” print, there in bold, artistic curves were the words “Team Lakay”. His name is Eduard Folayang aka The Landslide and he is a mixed martial arts practitioner. On the other side of the ring is a Mongolian who was going to be his opponent. The Landslide would go on to beat the Mongolian with his trademark ground and pound. After five brutal rounds, he victoriously put on his Team Lakay shirt as the Belt wrapped itself around his waist.
The Landslide's victory was met with lesser fanfare than his singer/dancers contemporaries. But that's alright. It is what it is. Avril Lavigne is more known than George St. Pierre. And they're both Canadians. Pipes always win over fists.

The accomplishments of Ingrid, Metamorphoses, and The Landslide mean a lot of things but the greatest meaning of it all is that we are no longer just spectators on the bleachers, we are now Adidas-wearing players running on the court.

The future of the Igorot entertainer and athlete is bright and dangerous. Respectively.

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