June 14, 2010

Where is the Igorot Blogger?

I did a search on Google for the keyword phrase 'igorot blogger' and took note of the top 10 results.

As of this writing, number 1 on the results page is Bill Bilig's blog but it hasn't been updated since late last year. He's probably busy with something these days thus the unupdated blog. That's understandable because there's more to life than blogging :). To be honest I'm sort of losing the fire that I felt when I first started this blog. I'm still very motivated at the moment writing about us and our communities but the passion, the enthusiasm at the beginning seems to have lingered a little bit.

This very post is number 2 on the results page. I'm happy of course. Now I'm starting to get what search engine optimization is all about and how to effectively work with it to gain rankings for this blog. I am far from being good at it though.

It's my evil plan to try to topple the formidable Bill Bilig from his number 1 spot on the Google search results page for the search terms 'igorot blogger'. Let's see if I can do it in 1 week. So watch this page :).

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