June 23, 2010

Where have all the Koreans gone?

It's been a month since my return here in Baguio City after a more than a year stint in Manila. I'm in a full Baguio spirit now after of course a few reintroductions to the Baguio culture and aura. I've noticed that Baguio went through a lot of changes. There's the shiny and new public market. There's now a branch of Jack's Restaurant on famous Session Road. My old College of Accountancy and Commerce at Saint Louis University is now housed in a skyscraper at Bakakeng Barangay. There's the new bank on the foot of Session Road.

There's this one thing I noticed though. Where are the Koreans? I'm not saying I don't see any of them but it seems 90% of them relocated somewhere or worse went back to Korea. Early 2009 before I left this city, when I walk up Session Road I always meet 6 to10 of them complete with their signature wild blond hairs. Now, 2, 3 and sometimes none at all.

What happened?

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