June 3, 2010

My Prayers for Those Who Perished During the Bunga, Mt. Province Car Accident

I pray that your souls find peace.
I pray for those you left behind.
I pray that they overcome their grief.
I pray that they will have the strength to march and move on.

Victor Balolang, Esther Lawig, Nel Pambalan, Rosaline Panduyos, Rogelio Pagada, Samuel Songaben, Alicia Layao, Onsi Songaben, Corazon Dasing, Teresita Arquero, Mary Binwag, Jommel Coltiyen, Sagmayao Songaben, Rocky Songaben, and Ranoy Fernan Pagosto.

May you rest in peace.
May this tragedy never happen again.

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