June 14, 2010

Igorots in the United Kingdom

Today I stumbled upon a website with the URL http://www.igorot.net/. The website name reads Igorots in the United Kingdom.

From there homepage, the introduction reads:
"From the mountain ranges of the Philippine Cordilleras they spread like wildfire to find a new life away from the mud and murk of the mountain life their forbears had been in for generations. They pushed and shoved themselves with others from the lowland communities amidst the hustle and bustle of city life and cramp accommodations of the mining campsites throughout the archipelago.
The more adventurous, risk-takers, and fortunate few branched out to the worlds extremes. Some found the British Isles.
This is their website."

I was ecstatic. Here is another portal to connect with our brothers and sisters abroad. I then browsed around the site. It's a pretty tight website, very professional. They have a blog. They have a 'tungtungan' page which is their equivalent of internet chat. They have a photo gallery. They have an 'interesting links' page which disappointingly contains only two links. And a contact page.

One thing I noticed though was that it hasn't been updated for probably months now. The last blog entry is dated November 28, 2009.

A part of the website I enjoyed browsing over though was the members list page.  There's a lot of familiar names there. Some I know very well. Check out the list here, chances are you know some of them.

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