June 11, 2010

Igorots are not Filipinos

Every now and then, I search on Google the term 'igorots' to update myself on what the world is saying about us. If you are using Google as your search engine, it has this feature that recommends search terms as you type what you're looking for. In my own case, as I entered 'igorots' on the search bar, a few recommendations pop up. Please look at the saved screen image below.

The recommended queries are all fine by me except for the one that says 'igorots are not filipinos'. We all are aware that the internet is a big(if not the biggest) source of information in today's web-crazed populations. and it is quite bothering to think that when a student in Saudi Arabia wants to know about who Igorots are, he is directed to web pages that discuss whether Igorots are Filipinos or not.

Now, don't get me wrong. Igorots being Filipinos or not Filipinos is not what I'm trying to hit with a hammer here. Because that is going to be another story. I'm just concerned of the information that a web searcher receives when he searches for us on the internet. He should be directed to web pages where our culture, history and status in this modernized environment are fairly and well-represented. The information he will digest from these web pages will serve as his foundation of knowledge as to who we are as a people. After then, he can tackle miscellaneous issues such as 'igorots being not filipinos' or discrimination/stereotyping of the Igorot race. Whatever it is that his research requires.

But then again, Google is Google. We don't own it and even if we do, controlling the information it spouts about us will be pure bias. Google displays on its search results the pages with the most views, the most links pointing to them, the most controversial. I believe it is a fair and balanced system. Although at times you are being directed to the wrong pages.

Anyways, just a thought.

Inton bigat manen.

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  1. You should check Larry Page's theory of search

    hope this will explain why it appears like that