June 21, 2010


The following is an excerpt from the article “Igorots in the Blogosphere: Claiming Spaces,
Re-constructing Identities” by Liezel C. Longboan.

“Scholars have offered various explanations for the origin of the term ‘Igorot’, which is not part of any of the languages within the region. According to Filipino anthropologist June Prill-Brett, it may have been derived from the Ilocano word ‘gerret’, which means to cut off or slice, which can then be traced to the headhunting past of the Igorots.”

I am no scholar but I've read several theories and explanations with regards to the origin of the term 'igorot'. Honestly I don't know which one to believe. But I gotta say the theory above is the most interesting one, humor-wise. It is possible that this could be it, the true answer. But we'll never know until someone proves it is so.

Gerret ditoy, gerret idiay. Inawagan da tuloy datayo nga “igerret”. Once again, just a thought.

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