May 16, 2010

Igorots Receive a Mention by the New York Times

The Saturday editions of the Manila Bulletin newspaper include a free copy of selected articles from the New York Times, America’s top paper. Yesterday’s copy included an article titled “THIS COFFEE’S APPEAL IS IN THE DUNG” which recounts in the first few paragraphs the little journey of Goad Sibayan as he went prospecting for “Gold’.

Here’s an excerpt from the mentioned article authored by Norimitsu Onishi:
"Sagada, the Philippines – Goad Sibayan went prospecting recently in the remote Philippine highlands here known as the Cordillera. He clambered up and then down a narrow, rocky footpath that snaked around some hills.
Reaching a valley where coffee trees were growing abundantly, he scanned the undergrowth where he knew the animals would relax after picking the most delicious coffee cherries with their claws and feasting on them. His eyes settled on a light, brownish clump atop a rock. He held it in his right palm and, gently slipping it into a little black pouch, whispered:
Not quite. But Mr. Sibayan’s prize was the equivalent in the world of rarefied coffees: dung containing the world’s most expensive coffee beans."

To read the whole piece, click here.

igorot,cordilleran,sagadaMr. Pat-og and Goad Sibayan counted the coffee beans they found.

igorot,cordilleran,sagadaLambert Pat-og collected civet droppings in Sagada, in the Philippines.

igorot,cordilleran,sagadaLambert Pat-og sifts coffee beans from the civet droppings in Sagada, in the Philippines. The Pat-og family would like to expand their civet business.

NOTE:all photos in this blog post are from the New York Times

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  1. does anybody remember the victoria supermarket robbery and the finding of the courts? or the location of one of the convicted/sentenced to life?

  2. Is this Simeon Sibayan, twice jailed for marijuana dealing? Is Alamid Coffee dealing merely a front for hashish dealing? National Geographic thinks so.