May 13, 2015

Seance (Killer In The Dark) Movie Review: It's So Bad It's Good

Reddit has done it again. An enthusiastic post on the site about a horror movie made in 2001 that never made it to theaters because it was so terrible is now getting a lot of attention. As I write this, the post has over 5,000 upvotes which means the movie is about to blow up. In the words of a Reddit user, "This is bad movie gold with cult movie potential." I couldn't agree more. Watch out Tommy Wiseau! Seance: Killer In The Dark might be the one to topple The Room off its title of being the worst movie ever.

Saying that Seance: Killer In The Dark is worse than The Room may be pushing it too hard. However, it can't be denied that the two belong in the same genre. The movies-that-are-so-terrible-they-are-good genre.

Killer In The Dark wanted to be a horror movie. Unfortunately, it turned into a comedy movie. The acting is bad. The effects are bad. In some instances, it seemed like they used MS Paint to create effects for blood and slash wounds.

It's an entertaining movie though. That is if you watch it for the laughs. There are unbelievably random and funny lines like, "So when we were kids, we would go to sleep at night, you know, like most kids do." Or, "You guys cannot even handle this dimension of life. How do you expect to handle the next one."

In a seance scene wherein the main characters were sitted around a circular table and the ghosts started rushing around, one of them mutters, "We're okay. They just want us to face the same direction, I think."

In short, Seance: Killer In The Dark is terrible but it's funny. So it's entertaining. And you can watch it for free on YouTube. It stars Corey Feldman, Mikki Padilla, Nick Bennett, Ryan Sjogren, Shannon Malone, and Amy Lotsi. Adam West also appeared in the film in a cameo role.

April 23, 2015

British Bastard Burns His British Mate With A Magnifying Glass

The British people are good in a lot of things. Burning their mates with a magnifying glass is among them. These two blokes are hanging out in a car. One guy has with him a gigantic magnifying glass. Why does he have it? Nobody knows but he sure knows how to use it and to whom.

April 19, 2015

Boxing Champion Sergey Kovalev Gets Flak For A Racism-Tinged Tweet About Adonis Stevenson

A light heavyweight showdown between Sergey Kovalev and Adonis Stevenson is an encounter every boxing fan wants to see. Kovalev holds three belts. Stevenson holds one. The two fighters have been trading barbs on social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) lately. Both are accusing each other of being scared of the other.

Most fans watched the online war between the two with indifference. Until yesterday when Kovalev tweeted a photo that a lot of people deemed to be racist. In said tweet, Kovalev posted a photo of him and a kid wearing a white shirt that contains an image of a boxer with a monkey head. The caption said "Adonis looks great!" The photo has since been removed from Kovalev's Twitter timeline.

Here's the tweet:
Image credit: lamagawa via Reddit
The tweet got the attention of Stevenson who responded via Facebook and Twitter. "This evening, I saw a racist tweet posted by Sergey Kovalev. I want all my fans to know that to me...boxing is about respect and hard work. There's no room for prejudice or racism. If you're going to fight me, hit me above the belt," Stevenson wrote on Facebook. On Twitter, Stevenson wrote, "Hey @KrusherKovalev, we saw your deleted racist tweet. Boxing isn't about prejudice. Wanna fight? Punch above the belt."

Apparently, this isn't the first time that Kovalev has been accused of being a racist.

April 7, 2015

Highlights From Some Of Manny Pacquiao's Most Entertaining Fights

If you are a fan of the sweet science also known as the sport of boxing, you are going to love this compilation video showing highlights from some of the more recent and most entertaining bouts involving the Filipino pugilist Manny Pacquiao. Referred to by fans as the Pacman, Pacquiao currently stands as one of the most popular boxers today.

Pacquiao is scheduled to lock horns with Floyd Mayweather Jr. on May 2nd at the historic MGM Grand in what is considered as the fight of the century. Relive some of Pacquiao's most glorious moments in the following highlight video put together by HBO Boxing.

March 11, 2015

A Great Interview With Professional Debunker James Randi On Vice

James Randi, the world's most famous skeptic, was interviewed recently for Vice by Jules Suzdaltsev about his work and why so many people fall into the filthy traps of fraudsters. As always, the professional debunker who is just a few years shy from being a 90-year-old didn't mince his words when answering the queries of Suzdaltsev.

Among the things Randi talked about are three of his most well-known projects - the exposing of spoon-bender Uri Geller on national television, the humiliation of Christian televangelist Peter Popoff on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and the Carlos story he staged in Australia. Randi talked about how right after his expose of Popoff, a lot of people sent letters to The Tonight Show showing their support for the evangelist which is just one of the many signs of how gullible and naive people can be. They were just shown undeniable evidence that Popoff was a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. This didn't stop them from supporting the evangelist.
Randi had a profound answer to the question, "What's the media's part in misinformation?". Randi answered, "Well, the media is responsible for a great deal of misinformation because of the system it's based on. You have a newspaper, you have a television program, we go on at six o'clock, we gotta have some stories, get some stories together. And the newspaper is being printed and we need a headline. Anything that comes along that looks attractive, even if it's doubtful. That will go into print or get on the evening news so easily because they need something to scoop somebody else."

Read the full interview with Randi on Vice here.