August 27, 2014

A Video On Evolution Explaining That There Was No First Human

It's Okay To Be Smart (a YouTube channel dedicated to all things science) has a concise video about evolution explaining that there was no first human. It's very well-made with great graphics that are easy to understand and a presentation that's also easy to follow. It's a video worth sharing to people who are not that familiar about the theory of evolution. Watch Joe Hanson (host and writer of the show) explain how there was no first human below. I am yet to read The Magic of Reality (a book by Richard Dawkins) but Hanson mentioned that this particular video was inspired by said book.

The cover for Dawkins' book:

August 26, 2014

Waiting Rooms Should Contain Classic Literature Not Lame Entertainment Magazines

We've all had the experience of sitting in some waiting room while we anticipate our turn to have our transactions. It can get very boring so we often try to find something to do to pass the time. Most waiting rooms have either newspapers or magazines to help keep us waitees from losing our minds. The problem is that these magazines are often crap.

It would be much better if waiting rooms have great literature books instead of crappy magazines. Just imagine walking into a dentist's office and seeing Edgar Allan Poe or George Orwell titles stacked in the waiting room's center table. Now that would be magnificent. For example, the automotive shop pictured below has Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace. As a book lover, I wouldn't mind waiting for a long time as my car gets fixed if waiting means reading one of the greatest books ever penned.
Photo by willnoonan via Imgur.

Improve Your Argumentative Abilities By Adhering To The 10 Commandments Of Logic

Whoever came up with these ten commandments of logic needs a pat in the back. There are a few inaccuracies with the definitions given but these are rather trivial. I can't find the original author of the list so I don't know to whom I should attribute this piece of awesomeness. As to my source, I got the list from a post on the Religious Criticism blog which listed its source as the Atheism Today Facebook page.

The art of being logical can be very difficult to study and understand. It's even more difficult to apply in the real world. But it's something that every person should learn. The commandments featured in this list are of course just the tip of a massive iceberg. But it makes for a great starting point in understanding the most common fallacies in logic. 

August 25, 2014

Meanwhile In The Philippines: Boy Pakyu Trends On Twitter

The Philippines continues its journey down the gutter towards even more hopelessness. Corrupt politicians and their cohorts continue to suck millions of pesos from the kaban ng bayan. Unrest continues to mire Muslim Mindanao. Politicians prefer trying to impeach each other instead of doing their jobs. Every now and then they buy overpriced cakes and build mega-expensive buildings. 

After eating their cakes while relaxing in their luxury homes, they bring out their black markers and start scribbling names on their white boards - names of their potential running mates in the upcoming elections. Also, Boy Pakyu trends on Twitter. Good job Filipino netizens, Boy Pakyu will now demolish the pigs on Congress. Or maybe even drive the economy a notch higher. #BoyPakyu

August 24, 2014

Watch Bill Nye's Keynote Talk At This Year's Edition Of The Amazing Meeting (TAM)

Last July at the annual The Amazing Meeting in Las Vegas, one of the keynote speakers was Bill Nye. Popularly referred to as The Science Guy, Nye is among the most prominent figures at the forefront of science education in the United States, if not the world. In his hour-long talk at The Amazing Meeting (a conference that gathers scientists, science educators, skeptics and proponents of critical thinking from around the world), Nye spoke about the importance of science education and innovation and the absurdities of unscientific beliefs like young earth creationism (YEC).

Nye spent the first part of his talk expounding on his widely-publicized debate a few months ago with Ken Ham, a young earth creationist who heads the Christian apologetics ministry Answers in Genesis. Answers in Genesis runs the Creation Museum located in Petersburg, Kentucky. Ham and his followers maintain that the earth is less than 10,000 years old and that the now-extinct dinosaurs used to live alongside humans. In fact, the Creation Museum has exhibits featuring carnivorous dinosaurs hobnobbing with humans.

In his talk at the TAM conference, Nye reiterated some of the things he discussed during his debate with Ham like Ham's nonsensical "historical science versus observational science" concept, the impracticality of the Noah's Ark story, the big question of how did the kangaroos get to Australia after the supposed Great Flood, the lies of creationists with regards to transitional fossils supporting the evolutionary process, and the fact that the principle of light years completely blow the "young earth" defense out of the water.

Nye also talked a bit about the recent aviation tragedy involving the yet-to-be-found Malaysian Airlines Flight 370. Nye also divulged that in preparing for his debate with Ham, he solicited the help of Donald Prothero (a paleontologist and geologist) and Michael Shermer (a science writer and science historian). And he plugged a book authored by him which is scheduled to be published by St. Martin's Press this coming November. Called Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation, the book was obviously an offshoot of Nye's Big Think comments and his debate with the creationist Ham.

Watch Bill Nye's full keynote talk below. The video was recently uploaded by the James Randi Educational Foundation on YouTube. JREF hosts the annual The Amazing Meeting conferences.